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Inlux lighting new products meeting
In recent years, the mainstream lighting source in the auto lighting industry is nothing more than xenon lamp and halogen lamp. However, with the development and maturity of technology, the application of LED in auto lighting is increasing day by day.In recent years, LED lights have become the first choice and standard of many cars, whether they are joint ventures or independent brands, low-end or luxury brands.Osram believes that leds have become a trend in car lighting applications.

Silicon material in the world's largest manufacturers - hebei dragon group NingJin crystal wafers production park, more than 60 sets of multi-line cutting machine busy turning around. The busy behind the scenes, is embarrassing losses. Crystal dragon industrial group deputy general manager AnZeng said anxiously, now in the first quarter gross margin was 6%, but really at a loss.

AnZeng now: "do six percent gross margin you added six percent, equal to the gross profit is lost five percent, plus the cost of some, must lose this market."

Crystal dragon group news, director of the center for Duan Tonggang said, crystal dragon original part European exports accounted for 50%, in the first quarter this year the European market has dropped to 20%, the next plan is below 20%.

Advantage in the market of losing not crystal dragon company, baoding yingli group public relations, deputy general manager wang shin, Europe in the second quarter of this year sales have dropped to 35% from 53% in the first quarter.

Wang Zhixin: "if you want to in the domestic market and other emerging markets absorb 40% of shipments, the difficulty is very big. Companies will have to face risk. Such as production sales decline will cause further capital chain tension, thereby increasing the risk of default."

Photovoltaic (pv) reporters further investigation found that the crisis is spreading upward to the downstream, the whole industrial chain crisis is coming. In bohai aluminum, because every year for yingli group photovoltaic products nearly 20000 tons of aluminum frame, the current situation for business head felt quite nervous.

Supporting enterprise director: "we do, their output decreases, will all reduce the supply of our order." In the face of eu trade barriers, photovoltaic enterprise where to go? Crystal dragon industrial group deputy general manager AnZeng now answer is, open up the domestic market.

Beryl, the CEO of INLUX LIGHTING, said: "this a few years the development of the domestic development by one hundred percent a year or even three hundred, predict this year is likely to Japan is the first big market, may be China's first big market next year."

For the future of the photovoltaic and LED related industry, the personage inside course of study also focused attention on the excess capacity. AnZeng now recommends, countries should follow the rule of the evolution, to weak action.

Beryl: "should be treated differently, and pick up some quality companies to support, no weeding. I think 3, 5 years later, those who have the scale, the brand and the enterprise technology advantage is likely to be occupied most of market share. That LED and photovoltaic enterprises will not only survive in the future can still grow up."